About Us

We are current healthcare providers that understand the hassle, inefficiency, and frustrations with credentialing. After years of credentialing stress, we wanted to create a streamlined process that makes it easy to keep everything available at our fingertips. 

So that we can focus on the jobs we want, deliver the care we’ve been trained to do, and get back our wasted time on this repetitive process. 

Who We Are


Our vision is to streamline the credentialing process so you are ready for any healthcare job at a moments notice.


HealthShield’s mission is to eliminate the frustration and inefficiency of credentialing so you no longer worry about the paperwork, but instead you can foucs on patient care.


Provide you with a centralized and secure platform to upload, select and send your documents quickly.

Meet Our Team

Our passionate and dedicated team of medical professionals will help you every step of the way.

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