About Us

We are current healthcare providers that understand the hassle, inefficiency, and frustrations with credentialing. After years of credentialing stress, we wanted to create a streamlined process that makes it easy to keep everything available at our fingertips. 

So that we can focus on the jobs we want, deliver the care we’ve been trained to do, and get back our wasted time on this repetitive process. 

Who We Are


Our vision is to streamline the credentialing process so you are ready for any healthcare job at a moments notice.


HealthShield’s mission is to eliminate the frustration and inefficiency of credentialing so you no longer worry about the paperwork, but instead you can foucs on patient care.


Provide you with a centralized and secure platform to upload, select and send your documents quickly.

Meet Our Team

Our passionate and dedicated team of medical professionals will help you every step of the way.

Andi Stamper, DNP, CRNA

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andi has practiced as a CRNA in academic institutions, community hospitals, and outpatient and office-based practices since 2012. She graduated from Duke University as a CRNA in 2012 and with her DNP in 2014. She has published over 20 articles on a variety of evidence-based practices as well as been a consultant to multiple nurse anesthesia programs. Andi is currently traveling with her husband as a 1099 CRNA. She enjoys gardening, fishing, crafting and is a devoted Kansas Jayhawks fan.

Kiki Mattress, MSNA, CRNA

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Kiki is an independent contractor CRNA who lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and 3 children. Kiki graduated from University of New England Portland Maine in 2018. She is also an author, speaker and CEO of the CRNA Chase mentoring ICU RNs. Kiki spends a great deal of time traveling up and down the east coast watching her girls play collegiate volleyball. In what spare time she has, you can catch her cheering on the Duke basketball team or at an Atlanta Hawks basketball game.

Nick Glover


Anyone that does 1099 work and has to credential at multiple facilities knows how much of a pain and time consuming task it is. HealthShield makes it so much easier by uploading and entering all your information to a secured cloud. When it comes time to send your credentialing paperwork, you just click share and type the email and off it goes in just seconds. No more searching through you computer for all your info, now its in one spot. Easy to use and such a time saving platform, definitely recommend!

Terren Wortham


HealthShield Credentialing is a comprehensive service that allows you to keep all your credentialing documents in one place and easily share with credentialing departments. The sections for case logs really sets this product apart. Overall, I am pleased with the service and will recommend to my colleagues.

Victoria Eads


This us what we needed! Health Shield Credentialing allowed us to put all of our files and information in one place. It makes credentialing so simple - something I’ve been hoping for for my whole career!

Jessica Lewis


After years of shuffling papers with credentialing and new licensure there is finally a better solution. HealthShield Credentialing providers a quick and easy way to keep all of your information organized and accessible. It's a one stop shop for everything you need to keep track of for credentialing.

Emelia Hutto


HealthShield makes the laborious nature of credentialing much easier. With an easy-to-use and navigate system, all necessary credentialing documents can be easily accessed for reference and sent to various employment sites with a secure and encrypted e-mail. I look forward to using this service for credentialing with future employers. It will make the process so much less tedious for providers and administration personnel alike. Thank you HealthShield!

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